We are developing a range of products to suit different investor risk/return appetites and investment horizons.

This article is draft and is subject to further revisions.

Our head of institutional clients and product development, Jemma Xu, shares our thoughts on product development over the next 12 months. We hope you find it interesting and welcome feedback from you.

In order to cater to a spectrum of investor risk preferences, we would like to share our product roadmap to be rolled out over the next 12 months. We have categorized them into three groups covering a range of risk and reward considerations.

1. Insurance product against price fluctuations

This product is designed to protect investors from either a significant BTC price increase or decrease.

For those with existing exposure to BTC, a protection (a “hedge”) against a sudden price drop in BTC on a certain date would be attractive.

On the contrary, investors who are holding stable coins and want to participate in the upside from BTC price increase without the need to buy BTC, they could purchase an insurance against sudden price pumps.

Typically, the payout from the insurance products would be in additional BTC, at an amount equivalent to a USDT payout.

For a small upfront cost, both types of insurance products provide investors with the opportunity for unlimited positive returns as well as an overall hedge in their portfolio composition.

2. Fixed yield products

This is akin to fixed income type instruments in traditional finance where at the time of investment, investors know the holding period and the corresponding yield they will receive at maturity.

Our first product, the dual currency investment product, is one such product. Investors can invest in either USDT or BTC at a linked BTC price to receive a fixed yield over a fixed maturity. Upon maturity, investors will receive the yield in either USDT or BTC depending on the BTC spot price vs linked price. Try them out here.

Our second yield product is a 3 or 6 months term deposit where both the investment and payout will be in USDT. The term deposit rate will be locked in when the deposit is made.

3. Flexible return and holding period

For investors who are looking for higher potential returns and more flexibility in holding period, our range of cryptocurrency index tracker products could be suitable. They provide investors with exposure to a basket of cryptocurrencies based on a transparent, pre-defined selection criteria.

These index tracker products could track the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization or be vertical specific such as an index of the top 5 privacy coins. This increases investor portfolio diversification whilst freeing the investor from added hassle of index rebalancing and associated transactions.

We can’t wait to roll out these products over the next 12 months!

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