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Is yieldfarming coming to an end? Are people looking for better returns on their BTC?

Let’s face it.

For BTC investments, a quick scan of returns at Harvest, Dodo or Curve tells you that returns are anaemic at present.

The days of triple-digit APYs seem to be over and far away…

… and it doesn’t even seem to be worth it given:

  1. Smart contracts are risky and vulnerable to hacks.
  2. Gas costs due to smart contract interaction.
  3. Regular costs of claiming and selling farmed tokens.
  4. Market risks of holding the tokens associated with yieldfarming (see chart below).
DeFi index is indicative of the rapid decline in yieldfarming as its underlying basket of assets are the tokens associated with yieldfarming. Source: FTX, Tradingview.

The market risks associated with yieldfarming are significant. An FTX-created index of decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens associated with yieldfarming shows the inherent risks of holding a capital asset position in the space.

So, what are the alternatives available to BTC (or USDT) holders?

There is an easier, more profitable, less risky solution: Investing your BTC in the dual currency investments at YieldLion.

Consistently superior returns are available at YieldLion — regardless of which way the market moves.

With YieldLion:

  1. All funds are secured with our crypto custodian, BitGo.
  2. There are no gas costs or other periodic costs associated with claiming & selling proceeds. Returns are directly deposited to your account.

Come start your investing journey on YieldLion. We hope you enjoy the safe & steady yields that you can enjoy on the platform.

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